Dance Floor Pool Covers

Plexi glass acrylic dance floor Pool Covers can be a great way of expanding your event space. We can turn your pool into a plexi glass see through dance floor or cover it with basic carpeting option. Plexi glass/Acrylic dance floor hard surface pool covers enable your guests to walk on water and see the water when they dance on the pool! Whether it is a dance floor pool cover, partial clear plexi pool cover, platform pool cover, stage pool cover, in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Bay Area,  and entire Northern California. We  are excited to expand our pool covers services to Florida , Miami area as well.

at Star Event Productions we can travel to setup a unique dance floor over your pool, or just make a bigger space for your guest to seat! We also now design and sell custom permanent and semi permanent pool covers. With our system you may retire your pool that is not being used and turn into into a great usable space all year round.

6 thoughts on “Dance Floor Pool Covers

  1. Having an event such as wedding, birthday party, or a family get together has become the more preferred option for most people now days. Since most people have swimming pools in Southern California, sometimes your guest count exceeds your backyard space. That is why most people call us for pool covers. We can transform your swimming pool into a fun usable party space. We can either make it that you can place table and chairs on top, or we can turn your pool into a dance floor or we can do both. Our services extend from Los Angeles to San Jose to Las Vegas. If you have any questions regarding pricing please email us photos of the pool, measurements, and your exact location.[gallery]


  2. I was wondering how much it would be to cover up my pool to make it into a dance floor for about 30-40 ppl

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